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Zoos Essay

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A zoo is a facility in which animals are kept in confined spaces or enclosures, displayed to the public and can be bred. Other names for a zoo are zoological park, zoological garden and a menagerie. Zoos around the world cause concern for animal rights, which is a problem because zoos normally keep wild animals rather than domestic ones. It is believed that zoo’s began around 3500BC, which is when the oldest zoological park is recorded. The oldest known zoological collection was revealed at Hierakonpolis, Egypt in 2009.

It was a menagerie which dated back to 3500BC, with exotic animals like, hippos, hartebeest, elephants, baboons and wildcats. When an animal arrives at a zoo it is put into quarantine, so that it gets used to its new surroundings and enclosures. About five animals are bred in captivity for every twenty animals on display in a modern zoo. Most animals are treated excellent and are given the right enclosures and are fed properly. Although many are mistreated and die, or even become extinct because of it. Some of the main ways an animal dies in a zoo is by malnutrition, dehydration and torture.

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There are six main types of zoos: Open range zoos, Public Aquaria, Petting zoo, Roadside zoo, Safari Parks and Animal Theme Parks. The treatments of animals in these zoos are all different and it depends on the location and standard of the zoo. Although there are many great zoos around the world here are some: * Tiergarten Schonnbrunn Zoo, Vienna in Austria. Is the oldest zoo in the world, it was founded in 1752 but opened to the public in 1765. It has four giant pandas. Fu-Long was the first natural panda birth in Europe.

There are only a few zoos in the world that house giant pandas. On July 14th 1906, the zoo saw the birth of the first elephant in captivity. * The Singapore Zoo opened on 27th June 1973. It has about 315 species of animals which 16% of are threatened species. * National Zoological Gardens, Pretoria, South Africa. Opened in 1899, there are approximately 4500 animals that live there and it also features South Africa’s largest aquarium. * Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Orlando Florida, USA. Is 500 acres, and was founded in 1975 and it hanks highly around the world.

There are also many bad zoos in the world, here are some: * Giza Zoo, Egypt. Two Gorillas, hundreds of birds and two Camels have died or been killed in this zoo. In 2004 the zoo was expelled from the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. * San Antonio Zoo, Texas was rated number one in the 2009 list of the top ten worst zoos for Elephant in Defence of Animals. * Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo, China. In the course of three months 11 rare Siberian tigers died from malnutrition and they were kept in very small cages. Oradea Zoo, Romania. A pride of 13 lions were saved from their 15 foot-by-12 foot cages. They enclosures were homed to our adult lions. They were relocated to the United Kingdom.

There is no exact known number of endangered species but scientists estimate the number is in tis thousands. One of the many ways that species are becoming endangered or extinct is hunting for skin, bone and fur. Here are some endangered species: * The Siberian Tiger * Giant Panda * Leatherback Sea Turtle * Northern White Rhinoceros * Blue Whale Asian Elephant Here are some extinct animals: * Bali Tiger extinct in 1930s-1950s. * Atlas Bear extinct in the 1870s, hunted for sport or games. * Western Black Rhinoceros extinct in 2011, last one killed by poachers. There are many foundations that help try and save animals like, WAF and the WWF that help protect animals from extinction. I believe that zoos will continue to become better. Lots of zoologists say that zoos should expand their variety of zoos even further, and improve on the care and wellbeing of the animals.

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