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José Rizal Essay Examples

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Facts about Jose Rizal

Jose P. Rizal, a man of exceptional talent and intelligence, is the National Hero of the Philippines. That’s a fact (and might be the only fact) that every Filipino knows about Jose Rizal. One might ask, “How about his name?” Well, that might be uneasy because his full name is José Protacio Rizal Mercado y…

Dr. Jose Rizal

Every Filipino should know the national hero’s life, his youth, his brilliant works, as well as his love life, and the role he played in the Philippine Revolution. Every Filipino should know his dreams and aspiration for his country and for his fellowmen and the magnitude and intensity of his love for the land of…

Jose Rizal Movie

Reaction Paper on the Movie Rizal The movie “Jose Rizal” is all about our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal – Hislife and works, his struggles in order to free his countrymen from abuse, until hisdeath under the hands of the Spaniards who occupied our country for a very longtime.Most of the scenes of the film…



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Noli me tangere reflection

Noli Me Tangere. It is a novel written by Filipino writer and national hero Jose Rizal and was first published in 1887 in Berlin, Germany. This novel was written to remind us the bad things that Jose Rizal experienced during his time by the Spanish. From the very start of this novel, the first plan…

Bayaning 3rd World

The film start with a trailer with a black and white color which is tend to be an old film shows the Philippine National Symbols accompanied by a Filipiῆiana music. The purpose of showing our national symbols in the film is to tell us how it important and how it symbolized our country and through…

Educational Philosophy According Dr.Jose Rizal

Vercaza, Kiervy G. #096 Brgy.Kaingin Bongabon Nueva,Ecija 09488524035 [email protected] Career Objective: To be employed as one of your faculty member Education: 2011-2015Eduardo L. Joson Memorial College Brgy, Singalat Palayan City Nueva Ecija Bachelor of Elementary Education 2007-2003Bongabon National High School Brgy. Sinipit Bongabon Nueva Ecija 2003-1997Sto.Domingo Central School Brgy. Sto.Domingo Nueva Ecija Employment/Work Experience: November…

Jose Rizal in UST

Fortunately, Rizal’s first romance, with its bitter disillusionment, did not adversely affect his studies in the University of Santo Tomas. His love for higher education proved to be greater than his love for a pretty girl. After finishing the first year of the course in Philosophy and Letters (1877-780), he transferred to a medical course….

Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal

This film pictures events and unknown facts about the life of the Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal. When I am watching the film I understand the story clearer than reading it, the scenes played in the film made my mind and vision clearer. They’ve explain the life of Rizal clearly even though some information is…

A Letter to His Parents by Dr. Jose Rizal

PSYCHOANALYTIC CRITICISM Psychoanalytic criticism: * It adopts the methods of reading. It argues the literary texts, like dreams, express the secret unconscious desires and anxieties of the author. * A literary work is a manifestation of the author’s own neuroses. * It usually assumes that all such characters are projections of the author’s psyche. *…

Jose Rizal

Republic Act No. 1425, known as the Rizal Law, mandates all educational institutions in the Philippines to offer courses about José Rizal. The full name of the law is An Act to Include in the Curricula of All Public and Private Schools, Colleges and Universities Courses On the Life, Works and Writings of Jose Rizal,…

Rizal’s Poem

4. Sa aking mga kabata This poem tries to awaken the Filipino Youth, to love our country and respect people. It also tells the significant role of the youth for the betterment of the country. At eight, he composed his first poem in Tagalog, Sa Aking Mga Kababata (To My Fellow Children). The famous poem…

Noli Me Tangere Cover Symbolism

Major characters: * Juan Crisóstomo Ibarra y Magsalin – commonly referred to the novel as Ibarra or Crisóstomo, is the protagonist in the story. Son of a Filipino businessman, Don Rafael Ibarra, he studied in Europe for seven years. * María Clara de los Santos y Alba – commonly referred to as María Clara, is…

Chapter 17: Misfortunes in Madrid

Chapter 17:Misfortunes in Madrid August 1890- Rizal arrived in Madrid to seek justice for his family and the Calamba tenants. He sought the help of the Filipino colony, the Asociacion Hispano-Filipina, and the liberal Spanish newspapers (La Justicia, El Globo, La Republica, El Resumen, etc.) -M. H. del Pilar acted as his lawyer and Dr….

Andress Bonifacio Life

Name: Andress Bonifacio y de Castro Birth Date: November 30, 1863 Birth Place: Ilaya,Tondo, Manila Mother’s Name: Catalina de Castro Father’s Name: Santiago Bonifacio EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT: Bonifacio’s normal schooling was cut short when he dropped out to support his siblings after both their parents died of illness. He did Not finishing his normal education, Bonifacio…

Concept of the Filipino Nation to Rizal

I think Rizal was against the revolution. Rizal issued in December 1896, asking the Katipuneros to lay down their arms and condemning the violence that was planned without his knowledge and consent. I think Rizal was an American-sponsored hero, citing without any documentary proof, an alleged Philippine Commission meeting when the American colonial government chose…

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A task to prepare an essay about Jose Rizal is exciting, but the somewhat challenging process. A writer has to be familiar with the biography of this figure, his achievements, the direction of his creative, writing and other activities. Jose Rizal is a prominent figure famous for his masterpieces in the sphere of art, literature and his achievements in medicine. His life story is impressive and inspiring, provoking the excitements of all people having to deal with this famous person.

Professors and teachers from colleges and universities give their students a task to deliver an essay about Jose Rizal. Exists various formulations of the topics. The list of the most popular comprises facts about J. Rizal, J. Rizal as a doctor, reflection on his activity, Jose Rizal in UST, J. Rizal’s poetic activity, etc. Apart from using these topics, as a basis for a future essay about Jose Rizal life, students have a chance to prepare a paper formulated from their theme.

Apart from picking the theme the writing process of an essay of Jose Rizal life and activity, one has to perform many other processes. It is necessary to write an outline that will serve as a plan for a future paper. Secondly, one has to research to gather the required for the informative text information. One can also seek for catchy and exciting facts that will add a distinctive coloring to the essay and will attract the interest of a target audience. Finally, one has to write the core text of the work and add reference list. An essential thing is performing of the grammar and plagiarism check.

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