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Working holiday

The objective of this research report is to examine the attitudes towards working holiday among students of College. The survey was conducted at Hong Kong campuses. A total of 500 copies of questionnaire were distributed within March and the response rate is 100%. As this project examines the attitudes towards working holiday among young adults,…

A Good Man is Hard To Find

When are people responsible for their actions? According to Simon Blackburn’s theory of “Soft Determinism” people are responsible for their actions as long as true and available information is possessed. Blackburn’s short story revises the compatibilist definition several times. The revised revised definition reads as follows: The subject acted freely if she could have done…

Moby Dick, Sophie’s World, East of Eden

In today’s society, the issues of fate and free will are hotly debated, drawing in heated discussions of religion, chance, and the extent of free will. While some believe we have a significant amount of control over our lives exercised through free will in our choices, others believe an entirely different power is at hand…



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Nvq 2 Health and Social

Personal centred approach is when carers take interest in what service users prefer and use this when providing care. Also, its thinking about the service users choices, right, protecting their privacy and dignity, supporting their independence and working in partnership with them and other colleagues to make the care better. 2. Person centre approach enables…

“Dose My Head Look Big in This?” by Randa Abdeb-Fattan

The Novel, “Dose My Head Look Big in This?” written by Randa Abdeb-Fattan where the main character, Amal, had the challenging decision to either wear or not to wear the hijab. This decision would not only come with advantages, but disadvantages as well. Amal was concerned about her appearance and what others thought. Amal feared…

Person-centred care

1.1Describe person centred approaches. The term ‘person-centred care’ does exactly what it says – it essentially places the person at the heart of everything that the care worker and the care setting do. The individual’s needs and emotions are the focal point, and any difficulties are resolved in the interest of the person with dementia…

Advanced Placement Language and Composition

1) Grammar (The Pronoun) 2) “U.S. Immigrants” article follow-up. Post our “how” and “why” questions. Discuss notable annotations. Effective or ineffective article—why? 3) Review “Keeping the Scorebook” questions and summaries. 4) Source 50 essays and Riverside Readera) SOAPstone for “Margaret” and “Salvation” b) establish a tone for “Margaret” and “Salvation” Purpose: How does Angelou (and…

“As You Like It” Essay (Advanced English)

A sense of belonging can be founded through an individual’s personal aspiration to inherently connect with other people. The interaction and interconnectedness of relationships can be viewed as the most significant factor influencing an individual’s sense of acceptance within their surrounding environment and ultimately will determine the level of affiliation they can acquire personally. The…

Questionnaire on Chocolates

Name : ____________________________________________ Gender : _____________ Age group : 16-20 yrs 21- 30 yrs What do you normally prefer to eat as a sweet item ___________________________ Do you like chocolates? Very much Okay Not much Not at all How many times you buy chocolates? Once every day 2- 3 times a week Once a week…

Judging First Impressions

I have been judged by my first impressions and I’m admitting that I have also judged a person based on their first impressions. While some people were impressed, others were not and I felt the same way. When it comes to first impressions, there are a few pros and cons. There can be bad consequences…

Compensation and benefit programs

Compensation and benefit programs for employees need to be an exceptional offer that is developed to attract and retain the best and talented employees. A merit pay compensation strategy is used for an incentive pay based on goals and achievements set by the employer. Compensations that are recommended for this company is a health benefit…

Study Local Universities

Looking at the trend recently, most of the students feel that studying abroad is better than studying in local universities. As a saying goes, the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. However, the students have their own choices either studying in universities abroad or in local universities. They have own…

Educational institutions have a responsibility to dissuade students from pursuing fields of study in which they are unlikely to succeed

There has always been some times in our lives when we retrace our naive early days that we learn from try-and-error and we can’t stop thinking “how I wish there were mentors in my life who draw me the blueprint of future, point out the right way for me to pursuit and prevent me from…

Robert frost- the road not taken

Life is full of obstacles that have been throw our way to see who is the strongest to survive, some make it to the end and some suffer more in the process. When people open up to different opportunities, it is the initial response by human nature to pick the opportunity that will give you…

My Vision for Social Change

My Vision for Social Change My goal in life is to grow and develop an understanding of the mysteries of human behavior, with the vision of learning new and more effective ways to assist others experience their full potentials. With this in mind, and further influenced by my career choices as a war veteran, a…

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